Dear Sir,

When are EDF going to admit that the Sizewell C project, involving the potential construction of one or two enormous reactors on our Heritage Coast and in the Suffolk Coast and Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is never going to happen? Since 2009 we have been threatened with this project on the back of a government programme to deploy 16 GigaWatt of power by nuclear means by 2025. Essential we were told to keep the lights on and keep to climate change targets. It is now admitted that Hinkley Point C will not be operational until 2027 even if the reactor component forging can be approved by our nuclear regulators. A project at Moorside (Sellafield) for three reactors is now admitted could not happen until 2027, there are problems with the near insolvency of the Westinghouse company. Government Ministers now admit that the Hinkley Point C contact at £92.50 per megawatt hour, is simply too expensive, will not be replicated and potentially leaves taxpayers with a £50billion bill should the price of wholesale price of electricity remain low. So where does that leave Sizewell C? Are we to go through a wholly unnecessary planning process for SZC for those EPR reactors simply to allow the Chinese CGN backed development at Bradwell in Essex to go forward for their own design of reactor, despite the Chinese apparently refusing to supply all information to our regulators?

We have a clamour, from certain unions, for government to back new nuclear because of jobs, but why would anyone want to back projects so risky and potentially unaffordable? There will be many nuclear jobs in decommissioning and waste management over a long period. The way Sizewell A workforce rundown has been managed should be an example of how this can be done, with as few redundancies as possible. Many skills are transferable to renewables in any case. Unions should be calling for a properly funded training scheme for jobs in all of the energy sector and specific training in smart technologies and electric vehicles.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Taylor