Dear Sir,

At last! The National Audit Office (NAO) has eventually been allowed to voice deep concerns over the shear folly and cost of Hinkley 'C' & Sizewell 'C'. (EADT article 23rd June by Richard Cornwell).

As referred to in the article, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and Electric de France (EDF), both nationalised companies, are partners in this carve up of the UK energy requirements. They are set to be paid double the current rate for electricity by us as part of an agreed and disguised subsidy. This is to offset the real overall costs of nuclear for way into the future. This is without the cost of the nuclear waste storage now at Sizewell for almost 200 years before then being moved supposedly to this allusive 'geological storage facility'. This having been sought for, without success, since the late 1940's.

It is sad and ironic that the Central Electricity Generating Board, our own former nationalised British energy corporation, was sold off to the markets during the 1980's and has ended up owned by EDF and others. Incidentally, CGN is also the main manufacturer of the Chinese nuclear arsenal. In the light of the recent tragic event in London concerning safety regulation, I am concerned that the ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulation) is being told it must not jeopardise the advancement of the economy by this Government when scrutinising and regulating nuclear projects. This surely renders them toothless. The Brexit debacle affords this Government the opportunity yet again to water down safety regulation, 'red tape' as they call it, with possible disastrous consequences.

I find it sad the way our newly re-elected Tory MP, Therese Coffey, a Minister for the Dept. of the ENVIRONMENT, Fishing and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) does not consider the statutory and internationally recognised environmental richness of our heritage coast and it seems to matter little to her. Our heritage coast should be one of her main priorities for the continued success of tourism and recreation we currently enjoy.

Instead Dr Coffey constantly insists how Sizewell C&D would be ideal for this totally inaccessible Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and instead speaks glowingly about the thousands of jobs she insists it would create, most of which would go to workers imported from afar. As any person other than an MP realises this would totally destroy tourism, and the richness of the heritage coast, that is currently enjoyed by so many and working well.

For goodness sake, Madam MP, we are in enough trouble already. Please don't pile on the agony! Your Tory party's short term policies over decades have done enough damage to this country. Please stop!

Bob Hoggar , Halesworth.