I was particularly heartened by the front page article, EADT March 2nd by Richard Cornwell, in which the views of the tourist industry of this area were so forcibly put by Michael Pritt, owner of the Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh. This tourist destination is not alone by any stretch of the imagination and attracts local spending and provides many permanent jobs as part of Suffolk's successful recreation, leisure and tourist industry. 
Some of the many hotels and businesses are smaller, such as B&Bs providing accommodation for the many who visit the coast and surrounding areas. Accommodation EDF have said they would like to take advantage of for their employees should Sizewell C&D ever get the 'go'. 
I cannot understand why more residents from Aldeburgh haven't constantly expressed their concerns as forcibly as has Mr Pritt. Particularly as it is planned to construct an 800m long commercial jetty, just up the coast from Aldeburgh, with ships delivering to the site.
As has been stated over and over, to the north and south of Aldeburgh, are internationally recognised 'Special Protection Areas' (SPA's) . Just north is the world famous RSPB Minsmere, developed since just after the last war to the amazing bird and wildlife reserve of today. Now, unbelievably, it is proposed to plonk two giant nuclear power stations right next to this precious site and over Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Also as part of their discussions with EDF, our local councils are trying to insist EDF improve our roads locally as part of the package. These should have been part of the councils' responsibility years ago.  Many were planned in the1960's.!
As Michael Pritt rightly says, Sizewell at this stage is still only a' potential site for the Sizewell C&D nuclear additions. C&D would have two reactors and these are to be larger than the existing Sizewell 'B, which is the American designed Westinghouse type. This is already sitting alongside the now defunct UK Magnox
Sizewell 'A' model which is now having to stand there for the next 70 years when we are told it will become safer to commence dismantling. This task lasting a further 20 years!
In addition,  Sizewell now has wind farm terminals installed. The offshore wind farms are already safely generating electricity and more are nearing completion,  creating many, many safe skilled jobs. Unlike Sizewell C&D, which will take 12 years and not 10 years to build at an estimated cost of £20 billion not £10 billion to build. Which is 20% of its 60 year life expectancy. Certainly not a low carbon operation, as we are led to believe.In addtion to all of this is the necessity to have ''outages'' for 8 weeks every 18 months when there is a complete ''shutdown'' costing in the region of £60) mill each time. Low carbon energy, just a myth!    The 'Chinese Partners' have been invited to invest 20% in this 'potential' project, and more at Hinkley Point, I understand.  Following that, the Chinese are hoping to construct their own HPR 1000 model at Bradwell. How about that!  It has been said the very shallow Blackwater tidal river would not be able to cool those huge reactors. It makes me shudder to think of the consequences.
Now, along with all of this, there is the necessity to store nuclear waste at Sizewell. This spent fuel, highly dangerous material, is to be stored in huge
containers, as featured in the past in the EADT. This will remain on site for centuries and the real issues of having to deal with the waste problem we are
leaving for our future grand children's children, and more, to sort out.  Politicians seem totally oblivious to the seriousness of our local plight and concentrate only on the false promise of long term job creation.  Yes, 5500 jobs while under construction, says EDF.  But many imported and many former employees from other nuclear sites with the required skills. And a few for local businesses and workers. Leiston hasn't exactly thrived after the building of Sizewell A or B, has it? And! one thousand additional workers are required to work upon the outages each tme. I had this point confirmed to me at the last Sizewell Stakeholder Meeting .
Regrettably the area as we know it will have suffered irreparable damage. At the end, to have provided only 900 jobs between two additional nuclear power stations with a three shiftwork arrangement, including security jobs, domestic and cleaning jobs, after12 years, ain't that many! Most of the former jobs in tourism and other local businesses will, by then, have long gone!  
Bob Hoggar
Category: Local Letters