Dear Sir,

On 12 of January I attended an exhibition in Lowestoft put on by EDF as part of the stage 2 consultation for Sizewell C.

The first consultation was in 2013 and I responded, as did many others, with answers objections and queries as was required. The consultation document for stage 2 consists of 321 pages, the vast majority of which contain the same information as the stage 1 consultation and which do not contain the answers to the questions many respondents raised during stage 1 .

Originally EDF’s intention was to have only 2 stages of consultation before applying to build the new reactors, however the standard answer given by EDF employees during the stage 2 exhibition to any questions I asked about details of the plans was that more information would be available during a stage 3 consultation that they intended to carry out at some point in the future. I asked why the stage 2 consultation was being held at all, given that there was so little new information in the stage 2 document, and was told that EDF felt they had to do something because it had been so long since the stage 1 consultation and they needed to keep the momentum for the project going.

So the upshot is that the stage 2 consultation is even more of a sham than I already believed it to be (we only get to comment on where they are going to park the cars, we don't get a say in whether it gets built at all). We are being asked by EDF to use our free time to plough through the consultation document, go to exhibitions and respond to the consultation just so they can look like Sizewell C is not dead in the water.

I suspect EDF would not be upset if people did not respond to the consultation. I don't believe they want our views at all. If they did they would not have held both stages of the consultation over the Christmas / New Year period when a lot of people just don't have the time or energy to get involved.


Emma Bateman,