Dear Sir,
Oh! Councillor Richard Smith, letter 12th Dec. EADT.   Please spend a little more time with your council colleagues to consider some of the fundamental major problems involved with theproposals to build two French designed, as yet unproven, EPR nuclear reactors at Sizewell.  Of this type there is not one yet working anywhere in the world.
The misinformation about it being low carbon does nothing more than promote the ideology of this Government. EDF are not intending to build anymore nuclear power stations in France as they are overwhelmed with problems of there own. But, instead, wish to build them here in the UK as they are considered to have the know-how!
Just reading QUESTION TWO alone of the EDF consultation questionnaire should provide councillors with some of the reasons to stop this foolish idea immediately. Your proposal to provide a special road into the site is preposterous! Its like rearranging the deck chairs on the 'TITANIC' as the saying goes.The impact of these proposals will be more immense than you can imagine at this moment, Councillor Smith. And we haven't even mentioned the huge impact on the environment in this region.
It is quite fundamental. The whole idea is wrong, particularly here along this fragile eroding heritage coast and the site also being too small. Perhaps Sizewell is being pushed as a potential site because the area has been branded as 'The Energy Gateway' by Government in London where they need the energy?  And to them nothing else matters.
It might also be because the military thinks it needs even more plutonium than the 140tons currently precariously stored at Sellafield in a fragile state. Enough, I have read, to make twenty thousand Hiroshima size nuclear bombs. 
Please start to think in a straight line and then you will all realise the proposals here at Sizewell are crazy!  The costs over the next twenty, thirty years are eye watering. Councillor Smith says it is a twelve year contract period.  I think plus that, considering the overruns and cost escalation of those being built at Flammanville, France and Olkuoloto, Finland.  A start is not likely for another five years, so I think 
worrying about a road is just 'blinkered vision'. And who would pay for this road anyway. EDF insists it won't be them.
Bob Hoggar, Halesworth.