Dear Sir
I have visited the EDF Consultation 2 exhibition currently circulating local towns and villages in an attempt to reassure everybody of their plans for Sizewell C. After four years of waiting for this arrive, for them to produce the information just a few weeks before Christmas when everybody's attention is elsewhere, leads me to suspect their proposals are not steeped in confidence. I would urge as many of you as you can to visit and also read the documents. I was horrified to discover that Sizewell marsh, which is under the proposed vast reactor and machinery area, is to be excavated to a depth of 20 metres (80 feet) removing millions of tonnes of virgin peat which has lain there for many thousands of years, a time when there was no shoreline or it was miles towards Holland and Europe and the area was forest. Peat holds a huge quantity of carbon dioxide, the very material we are all trying to capture or reduce in order to lower global temperatures and hopefully save humanity. In addition to this, I learned on referring to Section 5 of the document, that huge borrow pits are to be excavated to obtain on-site gravel for making millions of tons of concrete. These, I was told, would also be very deep, 20 metres maybe. One thing is sure, they are very close to Minsmere, Eastbridge and Theberton. I would assume batching plants will simply mix and lorry the concrete a short distance to site. I was told eventually, when all is done, the removed peat and subsoil heaps from under the reactors will simply fill in the gravel pits. It makes easier construction for them but a nightmare for our wildlife and special protection areas. There will have to be bright lights, perimeter fencing and lots of NOISE and VIBRATION throughout.

I also learned there are to be two 1000 place car parks, landscaped and semi permanent for the duration. One at Darsham and one near Marlesford, both next to the A12. Workers cars will arrive, some presumably before 5am, after having from up to a 90 minute commute. It is said, the occupants will then 'bus' to site! Some 350 to 400 trips per day. The car parks will open at 5 am and continue until 1am the following morning, 24/7, presumably for the 10 year plus contract. How much carbon this exercise will generate I dread to think.
Close to site, and Leiston, Eastbridge and Theberton, there will be three and four, possibly five storey accommodation blocks constructed for a 2400 workforce. The remaining 600, it is now proposed, will occupy a caravan park close to Leiston. On-site workers will have migrated from around Britain and I suppose those with special skills from Europe and elsewhere.
It will take a MINIMUM of ten years to build these two power stations. That is approx. 15% of its lifespan, or 1/6, if they last 60 years. Each year or so they will need maintenance 'OUTAGES' when they are shut down, as with Sizewell B. No electricity will be generated while the spent fuel rods are changed. Currently specialists are imported from France and USA and the last outage at Sizewell B cost approx. £60million. Fuel rods are now stored on-site in containers each weighing nearly 300 tonnes. Roger Stearn pointed out in a letter, EADT 29th Nov, radioactive waste needs storing FOREVER. Also, it has recently been proven that renewable energy is now far cheaper especially as storage batteries are being perfected at an astonishing speed in the USA.
I have highlighted these points as I consider it is only fair for those who would perhaps have liked to visit the EDF second stage consultation, having waited 4 years, but unable with Christmas being so close and for many, a priority at this time. With that in mind I'm hoping EDF would agree that these important matters do need full consideration. As Nichola Hughes said, EADT letters 28th Nov, do the exercise again next Spring when we can all concentrate on such important issues.
Bob Hoggar,  Halesworth, Suffolk
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