Dear Sir,

I was trying to ignore the reply from Mike Fowle, Feb 6th EADT, to the letter from Pete Wilkinson on Feb 1st. As was stated, Pete Wilkinson was indeed a co-founder of Greenpeace UK.

Like everything Pete has done in the past, often at a high risk, alongside his fearless colleagues when attempting and succeeding in changing international law.
To name some of their successful actions makes me feel very grateful and humble.

They stopped the packaged radioactive waste dumping in the Atlantic by the UK, Netherlands and Belgium, ended fur farming in the UK, stopped the practice of forcing dolphins and killer whales performing in 'dolphinaria' in the UK, saved 7800 seals from being shot in Orkney and stopped the harp seal cull of 250,000 pups in Newfoundland.

They reduced by an order of magnitude liquid radioactive waste discharges from the then Windscale (now Sellafield) into the Irish Sea and stopped the French atmospherically testing nuclear weapons in the south Pacific. Included was the tragic loss of life of a brave photographer colleague when Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior was sabotaged and sunk by the French military.

They forced a commercial whaling ban through the International Whaling Commission and stopped any mining activity in the Antarctic until 2041.

As Mr Fowle said, Greenpeace grew over time and like Dr Moore, Pete Wilkinson left the organisation to concentrate on other campaigns. Fortunately for us some of these are local issues.

We would be well advised to listen to what Pete Wilkinson has said in his recent letter. Mr Fowle says he is scare-mongering. Pete Wilkinson is not in the business of scare-mongering.

This very day on BBC Breakfast it was reported that emergency services for London have been planning for a year, and today are carrying out, an UNFORESEEABLE ACCIDENT scenario exercise. This is to find out if their emergency planning procedures work and how the emergency services would cope in the case of a real situation. If it is necessary in London it is certainly necessary for Sizewell and the surrounding area.

This is simply what Pete Wilkinson is asking for under REPPIR -- Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations published by the Health and Safety Executive.
He said that Management at Sizewell has based the emergency plan on the likelihood of "reasonably foreseeable accidents". Pete then listed numerous accidents which were "unforeseeable". Here in the UK, USA, Russia, Japan and elsewhere with immense long term consequences.The cold war M. Fowle mentioned was a man made situation of deliberate confrontation, fortunately defused for all of our benefits. Nuclear power station risks are unforeseeable and the constantly increasing local population should therefore be informed and prepared.

Bob Hoggar


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