People  who enjoy walking at Kenton Hills and Goose Hill probably do not realise the majority of pine trees are going to be felled at Goose Hill so as to have a road network installed  (not just a single access/escape route) and then all the vacant spaces will be used as a temporary storage area which will stretch all the way to Lower Abbey Farm, not far from the Eels Foot pub.

The good news is that they plan to recreate Heathland here but I have seen no detailed plans on where and how.
It goes without saying that whatever they store here is going to be very heavy and this is going to lead to serious compaction of soil which is going to be very detrimental to creating Heathland.

Furthermore, the road network will have to be very well constructed as heavy transport will be needed to take material backwards and forwards and with such an infrastructure in place I cannot see them wanting to dig this all up again when the job is done.
(Could they also have secret visions of profiling/levelling Goose Hill in readiness for a 'to be proposed' Sizewell D site even ?)

We also need to dispel the myth of a "Jobs bonanza" as the EADT call it, for the people of Leiston - the only bonanza will be for the pub owners, especially the Crown across the road from me.
Those in private rented accommodation should also be worried as rents will be increased and they stand to be evicted if the council refuse to pay the increase (for those on benefits).    I'm 65 now on basic state pension and this is a big worry for me.

I believe most women in Leiston want Sizewell C because they naively believe their husbands/boyfriends will have job security there so these ladies need targeting too.