Published in the East Anglian Daily Times on 22/5/14

The consultation as extolled by Tom McGarry is just a smokescreen to divert attention from the real situation. We have a Government which extols "localism" and the need for local people to be involved in decision making. Yet that is the one thing they are avoiding when it comes to the question of whether Sizewell is a suitable place to bribe EDF to build and operate two more nuclear power stations, each a smidgen larger than the present Sizewell B. The Government, the local MP, and, with the exception of the EADT, the media, appear to be doing their best to avoid any such discussion. Logically, before spending vast amounts of time and money on matters such as access roads, accommodation for workers, etc., consultation should take place on whether the project should go ahead. There has been no such consultation because the Government is afraid of the outcome. Sizewell is not a suitable place for such a development. However this will not become apparent for several decades by which time the politicians now initiating the development will be retired or be beyond reproach. For them it is a face saving way out of the present predicament that the three political parties have created.

There are many reasons why the site is not suitable for more nuclear development. It is too small, the shore is insecure, it will ruin the areas natural beauty, it is too far from the areas of demand, it would mean too much power from one location and the pylons carrying the power would be vulnerable to terrorist attack or accident. Their loss could have devastating effects, (see The Day England Died). We should now have good open discussion on all these and other matters but the Government and the popular media are denying it. Shame on them.


Barrie Skelcher



Category: Local Letters